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We have posted a lot of sermons from our Universal Life Church ministers. Some are Christian and some are not. You are welcome to use them or just enjoy them as you like.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Online Sermon

The word for the day is thought.  Recently I uploaded the Home Course in Mental Science to my website in installments of a chapter every day or two so it took me probably a month to upload all twenty chapters plus the study guide.  This is a very challenging course as far as study content.  It will make one think if their mind is open to any extent at all.
Thought is what I am into at this time.  Thought is very interesting for the course brings out that our world, our bodies and for that matter is all thought, nothing but thought.
As Scripture says as One thinks so it is.
Which sort of interesting for last year I had the epiphany that all there is was belief and perception.  The more I study the more things I find that lead me to believe this more and more that the only reality there is, is the one we believe it to be.
As we believe so do we endeavor to bring others into our beliefs so we have our different religions.
Actually, I believe the only reason there are so many religions and branches of religions are that leaders within each one seek to get the attention they think they deserve and if they do not get it they break away to form their own form of whatever it was they were selling this week.
No different from a MLM marketer jumping ship to form their own MLM. 
Guess, I am getting cynical as I advance in years.  The only thing truthfully I have ever found to satisfy me is when I discovered Spirit and what a Friend it is to me.  It walks with me and it talks with me and goes by many names, God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus.  Although it matters not what it is called for to me it is the great comforter.
I find I can rest in Spirit while giving all of my challenges to it and knowing they will be worked out.  It is not for me to know how only to know it will be.
It is left to me to have faith that Spirit has me in the palm of it’s hand always looking over me. Protecting me and loving me.
It shows me that as long as I seek to harm no one I shall not be harmed.
As ever con man out there knows it is impossible to cheat or to con an honest person. Only the greedy can be conned.  Those that are seeking something for nothing.  The quick buck, over night success, flash in the pan.  The one hit wonders.
Most true over night successes spend years to get the opportunity to be an overnight success. 
As much as I am enjoying American Idol this year I am wondering if they will appreciate their success as much as those that spent years in the bars, saloons, county and country fairs, playing on the back of a flat bed trailer.
The true successes I see and it matters not whether it is in the entertainment arena, the world of business, science, medicine, academia, sports or whatever it may it are those that go to the office or to work everyday knowing that if the lottery were theirs tonight that tomorrow they would still be reporting in to their specialty, for they love what they are doing.
Anyone that can bring a passion to what they are doing will be a success.  In fact if they are truly passionate about what they do they are already a success.
My website is only a few pages from hitting the three hundred page mark and that at this time is my passion as well as making my sweetie as happy as I possibly can for that is my passion in life  to be the best companion I possible can, while serving you through my website by finding and bringing to you the best self-help materials in as many genres as I possibly can.
There are many paths in this world in fact since there are almost seven billion people in our world now that means there are almost seven billion paths to find our way to the top of the mountain as we seek to find our way home again.
The way I am finding my way is by loving and believing in you.