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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Universal Life Church

The Reason I was ordained.. Is because I felt my calling as a Heinzist Minister, and the ULC seemed to be one of the few churches that were open enough for me to legally practice my Heinzist Tradition.

This decision did not come overnight.

At the age of 14 is when the Heinzist path was started by 1998, it was nearly complete in the beliefs section. People I went to highschool with looked up to me as a leader as a minister.

I was not only known as a spiritual person. But as the Leader of the Peace Keeping Rail Gang, who earned high respect for the locals, because we ran hate groups, and caused three violant gangs to truce peacefully between us, in the town of Milton, Wisconsin.

I was known to put my life as risk, and I have went head to head in some extremely dangerous situations. I could list a bunch of very interesting War stories.. which is even more interesting how a non-violant group takes on a violant group in making them think, can make one drop down all weapons.

One such group we ran out was the KKK. Who was desperately trying to recruit some of our friends and nearly had 3-4 within them, Which really made our work cut out to expose to our friend who these people really were, as she thought they were the coolest people to ever set foot on the earth.

Coming from an interracial foster home I have went against them, and other powerful organizations. I helped expose one minister who was sexually abusing, and mentally abusing his congregation and encouraging us .. his youth congregation to STEAL books from their library to steal anything non - christian to burn.

From what I understand New Life Assembly of God church on North wright road in Janesville, Wisconsins STILL practices this. My sister was a member of them last year an she burned some of my books. And they treated her all well, until she told them I was her sister, and was stupid enough to show my email I wrote to her about how I did not want anything to do with her or that terrorist church.

They started to treat her and her bf rotten, and they eventually left the church.

Anyhow the real reason I had became ordained is the same reason I do anything that involves a major choice.. To Make a positive difference.

All though highschool I had teachers whispering to me. You should become ordained through the Universal Life Church... I had students begging me to as well... And for years my foster sisters and I used to do our own ceremonies in the woods... and they too said I should...

It was after a chain reaction of visions and dreams, And the Spirits adding more towards my Heinzism Tradition .  Is when I realised... This is no longer just a belief system anymore.. It has now formed into a simple eclectic tradition. And the Spirits urged me.

Go Public, Go Private, Live this, Teach This, Minister This!.

After 3 years of the Spirits I work with doing this. I finally had done so, and I have been into some amazing experiences. I have gifted psychic/healing abilities. Some of the locals call me a Shaman. I use the term Spirit Worker.... They use that term for the weather working abilities I been known for since 1989 when I was 9 years old.

I have been hit by lightning once .. after I went upstairs to prevent anyone from getting hit by making sure everyone was in bed. "Spirit Said" is that story... I have it posted all through the internet and you can find a link to it from my bio page.

Just recently I worked with a paraylised kitten and it made a full recovery.. this has not happened once but 3 times since 1997. So I know I am working with strong Spirits, Strong energy.

And the reason I became ordained is so I could do Spirits work, teach what spirits have taught me, and help make the world a better place.

I am Universal Life Church Minister.. of the Heinzist Tradition.

I am not a perfect person, and if you have seen me in any yahoogroups or chats you will know that I do not hide that.

Over there most of you if you go there know me as "DNatureofDTrain_CaseyJones" on other places "CaseyJTrain" or Just DNatureofDTrain. .. CaseyJonesTrain.

People here will probably recognize me from many chats or networks as I state that.

Take Care and Peace and Blessing,
Rev. Dana C. L.

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