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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wiccan Studies

Wicca Final Paper:
MAGYCK...........WITCHCRAFT..........LARGE BARN FIRE, in the center of the forest........STRANGERS DANCING, around the fire..................AAAAAAAAAH, this brings forth thoughts of witches, evil spells, dead cats, HUMAN SACRIFICE!!!!!!
These are good, decent people, dancing and enjoying their uniqueness.  The fire celebrates life.  Their magyck, is simply the expression of their love and compassion for one another and humanity at large.  There are no evil spells or dead anything, life is sacred to them.  Everything is sacred to them.  An incidentally, they don't believe in Satan either, so no Devil Worship.   Kind of boring, in a happy sort of way.
These folks are members of Wicca.


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"If it cause no harm, do what thou wilt".
That kind of sums it all up, really.  Wicca is a peaceful religion, that seeks the Divine in everything around us.  It is nature centered, and seeks to bring about a better understanding of the earth and the Divinity in nature.
I loved this course.  I was so taken up with it, that I found myself buying books on Wicca, because  I
couldn't wait for the next week's lesson, to learn more.  I was so saddened at the treatment the Witches of the past had suffered.  The indignities, the tortures, the lies, the Burning Times.  I can't comprehend man's inhumanity, in the name of their God.  To use the "I AM" as your excuse to murder and destroy lives, just doesn't cut it for me.  And if someone out there, is saying, "but they thought they were doing the right thing"..........please.  That excuse has been beaten to death.  A person, any person, who owns a conscience, would question such an act.  I am very passionate about these things.  I feel God gave us a brain, and it is our responsibility to use it.  Saying you were poor or illiterate or afraid, is no excuse.   Many of the witches of the time, were the midwives, the healers, the teachers in their villages.  They were not flying around on broom sticks, raining down bolts of lighting on the innocent towns people.
Modern day members of Wicca, like their predecessors, live by a code of honor.  They believe in goodness.  They believe in love, instead of hatred.  They believe in caring for the less fortunate.  They believe in freedom.  The freedom to be themselves.  The freedom to worship the God/Goddess.  The freedom to be allowed to live and worship as they choose.
Wicca is now a recognized religion in the United States and our military men and women, are allowed to have Wicca services.  These are members of our human community and perhaps, it would be a good idea for our children to be taught the truth about Paganism and Wicca.
Peace, love, compassion, honor, care of nature and the environment,...........sounds good to me.
Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth about Wicca.  I, as many others, it is sad to say, did not know anything about this religion, except what you see portrayed in films, TV, and books.
People need to wake up and smell the barn fire!  The embers of life are burning and they wait for no one.  Get out there and read, read, read, and study, study, study.  So much is out there.
I am not sayings to turn your back on your church or your beliefs.  But for Heaven's sake don't stop there.  "If you are ignorant of the past, you are cursed to relive it."  What will you do if someday, it is you and your beliefs on the line?  Will you know enough to defend yourself and it?  What if your child is a member of Wicca?  Do you know what they believe?
Thank you again for this wonderful course.
May God bless all of you.
Rev. Nitza Luz Melgar, ULC Minister