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Monday, June 08, 2009

Why I became ordained

This is Walter Gerorge Smith, one of your newest ordained ministers
I have just received my first newsletter, so here is some relevant information about me.
I asked to be ordained because the small still voice within me, the one that speaks to me in meditation, told me to.  I will benefit from your fellowship
 I'm a retired Board Certified Toxicologist and licensed Pharmacist  When I retired in 1991, I certified as a yoga teacher, then a bodywork practitioner at the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in Massachussetts.  I began studying the vedic literature in detail with the help of the saivite monastery in Hawaii.  In 1995-6 I added ayuvedic medicine to my qualifications and then also  studied vedic astrology.  I became interested in tai chi exercises and began to explore the zen bhuddist spirituality behind them.  I served as the medical advisor to The Yoga and Relaxation Centre here in Kingston when it was a training centre for yoga teachers.  I discovered my gift of" The Laying on of Hands" and found that I could practice Usui Reiki ( the original Reiki tradition).  I was also introduced to several styles of bhuddist meditation to use alongside meditation in the yoga tradition.  Throughout all of  this, I have become amazingly aware of the nature of our God-given Universe and the meaning of humanity.
I was a University Professor in England for 16 years before coming to Canada in 1967.  I am currently a certified City Hall tour guide and a certified tour guide of The Museum of The Great Lakes when needed, so I spend my summers talking to a wide range of tourists here in the city.  I spend my winters teching meditation at the Seniors Centre on two days a week.  My teaching experience helps.
I am truly aware that all religions are actually different manifestations of God's truth and loving kindness. " We are all one" truly describes my spiritual beliefs.  Allow me to give to you and all other ULC ministers the following poem which I wrote for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada at the time of their annual conference here at Queens University in 1997.  It was published in their Journal as part of a larger exposition on the origins of astrology. It was written for all believers in the quantum probability theory of reality  My seniors who are  meditation students love it after learning that modern science describes all aspects of the universe as frequency vibrations, so here goes,
Peace of the quiet earth to you who live on her cooled magmas rim
Piece of the mantle of night to you in the knowledge of time's turning trim
Peace of the endless deep to you from leptons, gluons and quarks
And photons swimming the vast  dark black with gravitons like arks
That Peace which passes all understanding
In Love and Light
Rev. Walt

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