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We have posted a lot of sermons from our Universal Life Church ministers. Some are Christian and some are not. You are welcome to use them or just enjoy them as you like.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Course in Miracles

Loretta Siani describes herself first and foremost as a minister of God. In this capacity she is a teacher of A Course In Miracles, Clinical Hypnotherapist, author and inspirational speaker. She has authored numerous articles on A Course In Miracles and the power of the mind as well as two books. Her first, The Magic of Excellence covers the history, structure and process of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.

Her second, Everyday Miracles, is based on the spiritual psychology and radical metaphysics of A Course In Miracles. Dr. Siani has also published three guided visualization CDs In The Middle of Know Where, a guided visualization that produces deep relaxation; Waking Dream of Forgiveness, mental imagery for releasing anger and resentment and Restful Sleep, mental Imagery for undoing insomnia.

Formerly Sales Training Manager for the Business Services Division of Office Depot's Western Region, she has coached and trained a variety of people including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, students and experienced sales people. She holds a Master of Arts in Communications from Pepperdine University where she seared on the adjunct faculty teaching Interpersonal Communications. She wrote her Master's Thesis

on the great Christian apologist and author of the Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis. Her Doctoral Degree is in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University where her course of study focused on Neuro-Linguistics. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on the history of NLP and how it was influenced by the founder of family therapy Virginia Satir and the great medical Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.
Dr. Siani became a ULC minister in 1999 when she began her private practice. She describes her ordination as an outer sign of her inner commitment to invite the Holy Spirit into her practice to help her serve others. It also enabled her to provide the additional service of wedding minister to her clients. She describes the main purpose of her practice as a ministry that helps people draw upon the power of the mind in order to overcome their inner obstacles, align with their soul's purpose, and live richer, fuller, healthier lives.

She is also the author of the Dr. of Metaphysics and Dr. of Spirituality courses through the ULC Seminary.

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