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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spiritual Ordination

Spiritual Ordination through Universal Life ChurchI have been spiritual all of my life. I do not mean I was a "holy roller" or a "bible thumper". From childhood on I have had visions and visitations and inspirations and manifestations and other phenomina. As I progressed through life and went from difficult childhood up to blissful marriage and mother of three kids then down through the death of my husband; he was 32, I was 29 and kids were 9 (twins) and 7, I lost faith.

I sank into depression and debauchery trying to numb myself or kill myself, never sure which one it was I really achieving. But nevertheless the Lord never lost me, angels came continued to come to my rescue, to get me home safely, to keep my kids safe.

Then one day I was floating above my bed with my husband beckoning to me and I KNEW I had to come back, I KNEW I had things to learn and things to do. I hit the bed with a thump and my life changed. Oh, not all rosy and cozy as you may think. On the surface it got worse, I got ill with chronic pain diseases, I gained weight, I lost jobs, I lost my house, I lost my car. But I had God and we were okay. We slowly returned to normal family life, my kids thrived and moved on to have great jobs and good homes.

I turned more and more to spiritual discovery.

The more I learned the more I taught. What I needed to know was dropped in my lap, books opened before me, people appeared in my life to teach me. In turn I became a teacher, I applied to be a mininster in that manner also, I was lead to the site as I was struggling with some decision making. This was an easy decision. I have gotten other credentials since becoming a minister here. But this is "home" to me.

I have had afull life full of distress and adventures and mishaps and sorrows and disease, poverty and riches, happiness and fortune. I have tasted it all and only wish to help others who are in dark places where I have been come into the Light.

Universal Spirit
Rev Elizabeth Hudson

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