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Friday, May 12, 2006

Comparative Religion

Comparative Religion

My Name is Rev. Beverly F. H. Brown. I am a middle aged divorced woman with no children. Taking the Comparative Religion course was the stepping stone that helped me achieve the peace in my life I desperately needed!

I grew up in a very abusive family situation that left me confused about the rights and wrongs of life. In my dysfunctional family's view; right was wrong, and wrong was praised. This made me turn away from the church, but never, did I turn from God. Still, I needed answers to why I was so angry all the time. I carried hatred, distrust, contempt and violent thoughts with me everywhere I went. At the same time, I was compelled to help people stuck in similar situations (abusive, hateful, ect). On top of the anger I felt from my childhood, I fought Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma for 4 years. Going in and out of the hospital sometimes for months at a time.

Before I started this course, I had low self worth and battled constantly with my feelings of isolation (even in the middle of a crowd). To be openly honest, I was so angry, tired, hopeless, lost and in need of an outlet ... hurting someone else seemed like the right thing to do. Making others feel the pain that I myself was suffering from, seemed like fair play. This course showed me how wrong I was to feel that way. Rev. Kythera Ann's Comparative religion course taught me that I alone was responsible for my life. She showed me; that we are all on the same path even if we don't know it. There is suffering and martyrdom everywhere on earth. It's what we do amidst that suffering that matters. If we reach out to help our brother in need, we too will be helped.

This course gave me the tools I needed to see clearly. I now understand that we are all "truly one." The way the course is broken-down allowed me to cross-reference several religions at once which made it easy to see the similarities. Once I saw the common goals and beliefs of so many religions from every part of the world, I knew what I had to do to find peace within myself.

I learned that most religions teach "Forgiveness" similar to the way Jesus taught it. If God forgives our sins, who are we not to forgive others? Next I learned about Karma in each religion and the similarity in religious stories, ceremonies, scriptures, and principles. Then at the end she ties it altogether with a Religion Family Tree! That was great! That topped it off with the reality that we are all truly one. Coming from one Mother (God) and branching off to have children of our own (sub-religions) yet the fruit never falls far from the tree (God).

Now I am living my life as a spiritual being instead of a physical being. Physical beings are subject to ego, greed, lust, deceit and selfishness. Buddha taught, that which we give to others is returned to us tenfold, so if I wanted positive things in my life I had to first, give that which I desired to others.

Thanks to Rev. Kythera Ann I have gained a new awareness of life on this planet as a whole. I now understand my purpose in this life is the same as every person of every religion...To do Gods work. To be his eyes and ears. To learn and to teach his principles. Then, little by little, one soul at a time, we become closer to Him/Her (God)by understanding his ways.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Especially the unbiased way in which it was presented. The recommended reading and additional links were a plethora of information. My mind is now open to endless possibilities.

I only wish it went deeper into each religion with more detail and information. I guess that's in part 2 of the Comparative Religion course :)

I think that more information should be added on primary cults of today. Cults like Scientology, Seven day Adventist, Satan Worshipers, and even more on Wicca. I would like to understand these religions too.

Please include me in the next lessons available by Rev. Kythera Ann. I am also interested in Part Two of her Comparative Religion Course.

I thank you for your knowledge and unselfishness. My life is richer because of you!


Rev. Beverly F. H. Brown


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